We provide professional dental care services to all people as long as there is no communication or understanding difficulty.

Our service language includes English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin) Vietnamese (Friday and Saturday only).

Our service hours are:
	Day		Time		Language
	Monday: 	9:30am – 6pm	English, Spanish, Chinese
	Tuesday:	9:30am – 6pm	English, Spanish, Chinese
	Wednesday:	9:30am – 6pm 	English, Spanish, Chinese
	Thursday:	Close
	Friday:		9:30am – 6pm	English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese
	Saturday:	9:30am – 6pm	English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese
	Sunday:		Close

Preventive oral care:

At the visit, we perform routine check-up, needed dental x-ray, oral cancer screening, and make diagnosis and treatment plan.

Professionally trained and Dental Board licensed dental hygienist will do oral prophylaxis (regular cleaning). The decay fighting chemical fluoride will be applied to all our patients -children AND adults- while we clean the teeth. Double fluoride treatment will be applied to teeth with high risk of dental caries (decay).

Sealant or preventive resin restoration will be done the same day or another visit by the doctor to protect your teeth against caries.

Your home dental care is important. This is because dental bacterial plaque is formed every minute and needs to be removed before it becomes hard to remove. If you have good dental care hobbit, we suggest you to visit us to have the regular check up and cleaning every 6 months. If you have gum disease, dental implant, or simply you could not efficiently remove dental plaque yourself, we, as most dentists do, recommend you to have your teeth cleaned EVERY THREE MONTHS. Patients who do not keep regular dental schedule may have heavy bacterial plaque and calculus deposit and develop gum disease and need treatment of “gum disease” or “deep cleaning”(D4341) which may cost 5 to 10 time of “regular cleaning” (D1110 or D1120).

Periodontal diseases (“gum disease”)

Gum disease is very common which is the major cause of lost of teeth if left untreated. We provide basic treatment for gum disease which including scaling and root planning (“deep cleaning” D4341), periodontal irrigation with antibacterial agent, periodontal delivery antibacterial medicine and systemic antibiotic treatment. For moderate to severe gum diseases, we may refer patients to periodontal specialist for more comprehensive treatment such as periodontal surgery.

Extraction (pull out of tooth)

Dr Gao has a lot extractions and most teeth including wisdom teeth can be done in our office within minutes. Difficulty wisdom teeth will be referred.

Tooth colored fillings

We are amalgam free dental clinic. We only do tooth colored fillings or restorations. In many cases, your dental insurance will down pay the tooth colored fillings as amalgam fillings for the back teeth. (Amalgam filling is cheaper compared with tooth colored filling). You may need to pay the difference between white filling and amalgam filling.

One important thing the doctor would like to warn you that DO NOT WAIT. Fixing the hole while it is small, you will get better chance to avoid post restoration pain or endodontic need (root canal treatment). It is always true in dentistry that “one stitch prompt can save nine!”

Root canal treatment

Many patients choose us to do their root canal treatment. We do have very excellent success. Root canals differ from tooth to tooth, and individual to individual. Some root canals straight and simple but others are curved and may have some fine accessory canals. We always offer patients a chance of saving the tooth if we think it savable and the chance of selection of treating dentist – in office by us or outside by other dentist or endodontist. We endodontically treat all teeth (except wisdom teeth) and all patients if patient’s health situation allows and they cooperate.

We do many one visit root canal treatment and also often by two-visit. It is very important to have durable final restoration (crown) for root canal treated tooth.

Complete dentures and removable partial dentures

We proud of the dental lab we choose and satisfy the dentures they fabricated. So do our patients. Also you save money! Coming in for a free consulting and check our discount price.

Crowns and Bridges

We provide service for all types of bridge or crowns. All ceramic (porcelain) bridge gives the best cosmetic result and bright smiles. Porcelain fused to high gold alloy metal provides natural tooth looking with strong metal inside. We use noble and high noble gold alloy only to assure the quality.

Tooth whitening

We have two chair side whitening systems and many taking home whitening systems for you to choose. Tooth whitening can be done either chair side (Zoom 2! Or Lumibrite) or take home products (such as “Night White”, “Day White”, Lumismile). The chair side whitening takes about 1 to 1 and a half hours. The home whitening take about 2 weeks with 3 minute whitening time each day. Result varies person to person.

Braces and Invisalign

Dr. Gao has extensive continuing education training in orthodontics. He is a member of American orthodontic Society and has many on-going and finished cases. Come to visit us and have a free consulting and get to know our specials.

Veneer, Lumineer

Need dental make-up and bright smile rest of your life? We can make it for you. We do regular veneers and ultra thin veneers. Come for a free consulting and let us know your need and see what we can do for you!


Dr. Gao has had plenty training in dental implant placement and prosthesis restoration. Implant can be placed in our office or in the referral office.


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